About Cab Louie

Cab Louie is a Humboldt County taxi service based out of Arcata, CA. We believe in customer satisfaction, affordable taxi fares, environmentally responsible practices, and supporting locally owned businesses. Cab Louie started with just one taxi cab operating out of Arcata, CA and has since grown to a fleet of multiple taxi cabs. We are committed to serving the needs of Humboldt County and we are thankful for the loyalty and support from our local customers.

Need A Taxi? Call us at (707) 599-3391. We would be happy to get you to your destination!

Service Area


Cab Louie services the entire central Humboldt County area. We can provide pick-ups or drop-offs in Arcata, McKinleyville, and the surrounding cities. Currently we can only provide drop offs in Eureka. For more information about each of our service areas, please visit the following links:

Operating Hours

We are open 9am - 3am Sunday - Thursday, and 9am - 5am Friday and Saturday. Visit our Hours page for more information about our Humboldt taxi service hours.

Taxi Fares

We believe in affordable taxi fares and providing our customers with clear and transparent pricing information upfront. We charge a $2 gate fee, $3 per mile traveled, $30 per hour of wait time and accept cash and most major credit cards. Visit our Pricing page for more information related to our Humboldt taxi fares.

Taxi Vehicles

Cab Louie is committed to environmentally friendly business practices and only operates eco-friendly hybrid taxi cabs. It's not enough to run a locally owned business, we take pride and responsibility for ensuring that we take the steps necessary to reduce carbon emissions. Visit our Vehicles page to view pictures of our eco-friendly Humboldt taxi cabs.

Popular Destinations

We took the time to list our most commonly requested Humboldt County taxi cab destinations and also created a page where we can pay tribute to some of the local businesses that help make Cab Louie the #1 taxi cab company in Humboldt County. Curious about which local destinations made our list, visit the Humboldt County Taxi Destinations page to find out.

Thank You

We can't say it enough - thank you for all the support from our local community. Cab Louie is a growing local business and it's largely because our customers enjoy our service and recommend us to their friends and family. Thank you very much for supporting us!